About us

CyberlawUSA.com (*)  is a nationwide website supported by attorneys across the country that specialize in the legal field of Cyberlaw.

Cyberlaw includes e-commerce development, new business formation, electronic copyright, trademarks, software and data licenses, online transactions, interactive media, domain name disputes, computer applications, web privacy, software development, Cybercrime, including credit card fraud, hacking, software piracy and related offenses, just to name a few. As an Internet destination dedicated to Cyberlaw and e-commerce issues exclusively, CyberlawUSA.com is different from all other legal resource web sites in that the affiliated attorneys, contributors and developers have all be specifically selected as people and firms that are experienced in the Cyberlaw world. Unlike other attorney directories that list numerous attorneys and firms that claim to be well versed in the area of Cyberlaw, the CyberlawUSA.com affiliate attorneys ARE well versed and were selected for that very reason.

If you have a legal question, problem or concerning issues that relate to Internet law subject matter, CyberlawUSA.com encourages you to contact one of our national attorneys affiliates.

(*) CyberlawUSA.com was originally established in 1999 by Matthew R. Halpin, an attorney located in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. CyberlawUSA.com was developed by Mr. Halpin and number of his clients, friends and associates to provide the ever growing community of Internet developers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and users with a central location to search for answers to Internet law questions and contact attorneys that specialize in these issues.