Employment Issues

Employment Issues

The work world is becoming more and more reliant on Independent Contractors and Joint Business Ventures. Unfortunately, many companies and individuals enter into these types of scenarios with a simple verbal agreement and do not document the terms and boundaries of such arrangements.

While most of the time the parties to such an arrangement will get along just fine, and may one day part ways amicably, the exception can be disastrous and expensive to both parties. When viewing an Independent Contractor agreement or Joint Business Venture agreement, both sides must be cognizant of the following:

  • Express and implied warranties 
  • Insurance issues 
  • Indemnification issues
  • Duration of the agreement
  • Duties upon termination of such an agreement

    The National Attorney Affiliates have extensive experience in dealing with Independent Contractor Agreements and Joint Business Venture Agreements. If you are a business that hires part time or contract employees, or if you do a large amount of freelance work yourself, your lawyer can assist you in negotiating specific terms, making sure the language of such agreements comports with the parties intentions, and assisting in the avoidance of problematic issues that can arise upon the termination of an Independent Contractor Agreements and/or Joint Business Venture Agreements.

    If you are going through a dispute arising from an Independent Contractor arrangement, a Joint Business Venture gone awry or any similar situation, your National Attorney Affiliates can assist you with mediation, arbitration or litigation that may become necessary.

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