What is copyright law?

What is copyright law?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection that has become more and more prevalent as the Internet has grown.

Under copyright law, the party that is not the author of an original work or does not have an agreement with the creator of an original work cannot use that material without providing the original creator some form of compensation. The many forms of written material and images published throughout the Internet are subject to copyright law.

Very recently, the United States Congress enacted the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which is specifically intended to protect Internet related content and images. Pursuant to this act, the owner of Internet content or images can require that a person or company using that content or image without permission be required to cease using those materials.

Copyright law has been greatly expanded by the Internet by such concerns as framing, deep linking and improper use of metatags. The enforcement of copyright law can sometimes be as simple as a formal request to the “borrower” of the material and can sometimes be as complicated as a trial in a local Federal Court. Our nationwide resources and attorneys are well versed in what constitutes a copyright and how a copyright can be enforced or bypassed.

Every web developer, content provider, graphic artists and entrepreneur on the Internet should be very cognizant and careful with copyrighted materials.

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